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Hypnosis is the

most powerful psychological tool for change that we have. 

Let me help you use it to make profound changes so that you can create a better future

A person can change quickly if they are ready for it.

Contact me today and we can make things right.


My name is Rollo Stimpson

I am a certified hypnotherapist with many years of experience helping people achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. I understand that everyone's journey is unique, and I take the time to listen to my clients and create personalised treatment plans to help them achieve their desired results.

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How this works:

1) The better I know you, the better I can serve you. So the first thing we do is sit down and discuss the problem. This allows me to find out what therapeutic intervention will suit you best.


2) You will experience hypnotic trance and learn new things that will help you get unstuck and move forward.


3)  You will get a specific and tangible result, and you will feel this on an emotional and logical level. I offer a full money back guarantee on this.

GHR Registered Practitioner
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The power of hypnosis

  •  Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. conducted a survey of scientific literature to compare recovery rates for various types of therapy:

  • Hypnotherapy can be expected to have a 93% recovery rate after an average of 6 sessions

  • Psychoanalysis can be expected to have a 38% recovery rate after approximately 600 sessions.

  • Behaviour therapy (Wolpian) can be expected to have a 72% recovery rate after an average of 22 sessions.

  • Source: Barrios, Alfred A. “Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal,” Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice (1970)

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Here's What People are saying:

“I can honestly say I am now a non smoker. I tried to smoke a cigarette roughly half an hour after our session, didn't like it and have not lifted a cigarette again.


I was even out drinking with friends and was not tempted to smoke. I sometimes get the odd thought but it passes really quickly.


Thank you so much for all your help. I have recommended you to quite a few people and know already of one friend who has not smoked since having a session with yourself.


Thanks again 


Fiona Murray “

Hi Roland,


So great to hear from you! I definitely think the sessions worked - albeit to varying degrees. We've moved now to a house in the countryside so there are many, many more spiders in our lives.


Dan is 100% better. I don't think he loves them, but he's able to catch them and let them out in a pretty calm manner! This is a drastic improvement.


I don't think I'm quite as good as that but I was able to catch a spider in a glass and let it outside as well which is the first time I have EVER been able to do that. Usually, there would just be a lot of screaming and running away haha. I still don't love them but there has been definite improvement on both sides - so thank you!! I'm not sure I would have coped in the new house without your sessions :)


Amie Chase

Alexa Young, CA

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