Hypnosis for Pain relief

I personally use self hypnosis to manage my slipped discs, and I required no medication after neck surgery and I credit hypnosis for that.



Hypnosis really shines when it comes to pain relief, and clinical research the last two decades demonstrates this. This is exciting because it is non invasive, it is less expensive, and it could help reduce the need for drugs and opioids for people. 

Pain is a subjective experience, the emotions and behaviours that come with injury can deeply affect how you experience that pain and hypnosis can modify that. You may have a physical injury and the pain may be mandatory, but the suffering, or at least some portion of it is optional. 

Hypnosis is a very effective tool for changing behaviours and experiences related to pain.

Hypnosis isn't magic but the results can appear magical, miraculous even, and there are many examples from antiquity to the present time.

Pain is a signal interpreted by the brain, (pain gate theory) and with hypnosis we can reduce the intensity of the signal while making sure not to rid you of any pain that is useful. 

Pain has a physical and emotional component, and hypnosis addresses both,