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Answer this…

❌Do you feel guilty every time you eat something?

❌Do you promise to stick to your diet every time and you do, but only for two to three days?

❌Do you know why you can’t lose weight despite trying every single diet out there?

Chances are you blame yourself for something that is not even in your control,

until now…


The question is…

How is your willpower working out for you?

The biggest reason diets don’t work is that you can’t stick to them, and it might not be completely your fault. 

Your eating habits are part of your automatic mind (subconscious mind) and tend run the show, 

❌ Do cravings make you emotional?

❌When you're tired or low on energy do you find yourself more vulnerable to temptation?

❌Do you feel like there's a part of you that really wants to lose weight, but there is another part of you that wants to snack or binge?

❌Do you feel that your mind makes excuses for you to snack, and plays tricks on you so you can break your diet?

❌Do you feel low in energy and low in mood without sugar, or like you're missing out without fried foods, or lots of carbs?

The Reason For That is This:

Your conscious mind is at odds with your unconscious mind.

Consciously you want to eat healthy, but there's an unconscious part of you that wants to eat unhealthy foods and it has a positive intention for doing so. It all depends on what you associate these foods with.

Your willpower is a conscious process, and your eating habit is an unconscious process.

Most of what we do is a quest to change how we feel when we feel bad. A drug addict knows that the drug will make them feel worse, but anything is better than how they feel right now! That is how addictions work and is a great example of how the conscious and the unconscious can be at odds.


  • What if you could convince that unconscious part of you to enjoy eating healthier foods?

  • What if you didn't have to 'try' to follow your diet, and instead it felt effortless and automatic.

  • What if you didn't  have to rely on your willpower so much?

  • What if I told you that there is a much easier way?

  • What if I shared an organic way for you to eliminate cravings completely?

With hypnotic coaching you only need a few sessions to make that happen because of the accelerated learning that takes place.


This way, eating healthy comes naturally to you and before long, you lose more weight than ever before. 

The best part?

It’s not a temporary solution, but a lifelong one. 

But before I tell you all about the program, let me introduce myself. 

Hi I’m Roland Stimpson

I am a Professionally trained hypnotherapist.


I also have 20 years of personal training experience in the fitness industry.


I use hypnotherapy to help people lose weight. People who have spent their whole lives struggling with weight loss. 

Just like you, most of my clients were skeptical about hypnosis and weight loss hypnotherapy without ever trying it. 

These are the same people who later tell me how it changed their life. 

I have seen first-hand how hypnotherapy can completely change a person’s outlook on life. 


I have also had great results with personal training and Pilates that I offer to my clients in case they want to see results faster. 

By using Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and personal training, I have helped hundreds of people see unbelievable weight loss results. 


Now I want to do the same for you…


Here’s What The Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Program Includes…

  • As my client, you get 1:1 Zoom sessions with me where I discuss everything with you and together, we work towards achieving your weight loss goal. 

  • At the start of the program, we’ll set a date to achieve your weight loss goal and I’ll make sure that when that day comes, you’ll be at your target weight. 

  • That’s my promise and this promise comes with a guarantee. If you reach your target weight I refund you £200 as a reward so you have this incentive to really do this.

The program is divided into 6 sessions. 

✅First Session: 

The first session is all about getting to know you. The more I know about you and your life, eating habits, and weight loss journey, the better I can help you. 

✅Second Session:

The second session includes hypnosis in which I use the hypnotherapy treatment to eliminate your cravings, boost your self-esteem and motivation, strengthen your goals, help change your self-image, improve your behavior patterns and mindset, and more…

✅Third Session: 

In the third session, we’ll discuss your progress and I’ll help you out with any problem you might be having in your weight loss journey. I help you with any issues that you face and remove any limiting beliefs and blocks that might be holding you back. 

✅Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Session:

I check in with you and see how you are doing. We’ll talk about your goals, how much of them have you achieved, and how you can achieve them faster. With hypnosis we will reinforce a positive self image and embed these changes deeply.


But that’s not all…

As a part of the Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss program, you get 3 FREE bonuses

  • Bonus # 1: You get FREE access to my Facebook group where you can interact with like-minded people and become a member of an amazing community

  • Bonus # 2: If you reach your target weight within the timeframe, you’ll get £200 as a reward for your hard work (that’s almost half of the fee)

  • Bonus # 3: In addition to hypnotherapy sessions, you’ll also get personal training and Pilates advice (if you want it) at a special discount price so you can get better results faster.

 If at any point you feel like you don’t my sessions anymore, you can gift them to someone else and play your part in changing someone else’s life. 


Are You Ready To Lose Weight?

Given my decades long experience in this field, I charge well above £150 for a session. 

However, I understand that this might not be affordable for a lot of people who have spent thousands of dollars on useless diet programs and supplements. 

That is why, for a limited time, I am offering 6 sessions for just £500. 

Yes, you can put an end to your lifelong weight loss struggle and eliminate your cravings once and for all for as little as £600.

Imagine this…

Six months from now, you could be at your dream weight, wearing that dress that you always wanted to wear but could never fit in. 

❌ No more getting depressed every time you go shopping and nothing fits. 

❌ No more having low confidence because of your weight and how you look. 

❌ No more of people undermining you, mocking you, or rejecting you due to your weight. 

Imagine how good you’ll feel when you lose all this weight that has been holding you back your whole life. 

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But time is of the essence

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