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Updated: Feb 16

A man called Sydney banks had a revelation at a drinks party one night that changed his life and the lives of many others forever. A friend told him, “you are confident, you just don think you are.” From this came his 3 principles: mind, consciousness and thought. it’s been said before: “there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.“ (Hamlet) henry Ford said something like “ whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” I think we all know this but tend not to take advantage of it.

Neuroscience has presented us with the reticular activation system, the critical faculty, and has shown us that our realities are made in the brain. The info delivered to the brain is then interpreted and this is what we experience. imagine the mind is like a movie production studio. You have a writer, (or writers) script advisors, and producers working on the story. they then give that to the director to bring life to it with the aid of cinematographers and special effects crew And sound specialists etc then you have the editors that arranged it all and then it’s given to the projector to beam that movie into your consciousness, and you go around thinking that it’s real! You can end up in a reality tunnel that’s not desirable to you. But what if you could alter the movie or watch a different one entirely, or just not get swept up in it? Wouldn’t that be better?

Mark Twain said, “You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” Tell yourself better stories, use your illusion, and if you have a problem and you feel stuck, you may well have to think outside the box to remove The log jam. You may well have to use your imagination. Didn‘t Einstein say that? if something isn’t working, do something different. William Blake said ”reason is the circumference of energy.” I heard it said that emotion is energy in motion. emotion is the province of the unconscious mind as is imagination and creativity. Milton Erickson said that most of our lives are unconsciously determined (Advertisers and marketers know that.) Im not asking you to abandon reason, just to recognise it as the circumference of energy And to explore your unconscious resources more.


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