Stories of good and evil

Updated: Feb 16

In myth and story the devil usually uses deception and twists the minds of the protagonist. He tries to twist the mind of Jesus in the desert and he offers Jesus the world, power, glory, status, kingdoms, and he is refused. Jesus has something better, he loves himself, he doesn’t need outside factors to validate him. He validates himself.

Anyways in Lord of the rings, Sauron pollutes the mind of the king of Rohan and Denethor steward of Gondor, and previously in the Silmarillion he gives himself up to slavery so he can corrupt the mind of the king of Numenor. He does this succcesfully and creates followers called the black Numenoreans. He convinces them to attack the Valar (Tolkien’s angels) and Eru (God) steps in and drowns them and Numenor (Atlantis.) You see that is the evil we are always being warned about in myth. It isn’t brute force, the evil Is the sowing of fear and doubt into good people to convince them to do bad things like war amongst themselves and feeling righteous at the same time. That produces sayings like “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Sauron was good in early days, but his longing for perfection and order made him lose all that good stuff and become dark. You see even Tolkien’s Morgoth can’t win by force as he is frightened off by a physically stronger angel called Tulkas. His ‘power,’ his evil is ability to poison minds. “You do not know the power of the dark side” says Darth Vader. The emperor in Star Wars is a cunning snake that takes the strongest Jedi in the universe and breaks him to his will, all that potential wasted. You think he’s your friend but he’s your deadliest enemy.

These stories and myths repeat the same thing. The snake in the garden of Eden didn’t use force, he persuaded and the convinced Eve to rebel against Gods word. Sauron made rings of Power so he could dominate the minds of elves men and dwarves. I think this devil character represents your own fears, limiting beliefs, negative self talk, insecurities, it is the battle of the mind, the shadow that needs to be handled and integrated properly. Tolkien’s God tells the devil that in the end the devil will understand that his meddling had a greater purpose sourced in God, a purpose unknown to Morgoth.

Anywayyyyyyyy, the point is is that struggle goes on in us a lot, these little voices, or movies and imagery that we experience in our head have this theatre going on. And it’s very important not to listen to negative self talk, horrid stories that victimise us, Why not just make sure you practice telling yourself good stories and let your light shine from a place of self love like that Jesus fella. William Blake said ‘he who never gives his face some light shall never become a star.’ Get in the habit of interpreting things in ways that boost your self esteem, a lot of life is imagination it seems to me.

All the evil characters become disfigured and fiery don’t they, it’s not a good look. DO NOT Play with Fear and doubt I heard Serge Kahili King say. And that’s right. Catch those little negative stories and flip them, and don’t be seduced by the dark side into believing that you’re being fucked over or hurt unnecessarily. I think it’s very important to big yourself up internally as much as you can. Use affirmations and self hypnosis. I can help you with that. Don’t let Sauron fuck your over :) Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living. So examine where your thoughts and feelings are coming from, do you agree with them? change the shit ones, and be master of your ship and keep murky water out of it, so you can float in an expanse of it if you have to. What ideas and philosophies may suit you better? If you’re desperate for external validation you are choosing to sacrifice self love for that then Stop, stop please. Do good things and love yourself :)

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