Have you ever really tried to make a change where you knew all the good reasons for doing so, and maybe you even made that change.... for a while... before you returned to that undesirable behaviour? Perhaps you were triggered by a stressful event, or maybe even just while you were on auto-pilot ( a trance .) Maybe you passed through the Mcdonalds drive through completely forgetting or ignoring all of those good reasons or lit up that cigarette? Well that is a very common experience and we have all been there.

Have you tried to logic your way out of your problems, maybe read every self-help book there is and still found a distinct lack of progress? Have you wondered why your will power only lasts so long? Have you ever ruminated so long that it made you feel depressed? Well there is a good reason for that. And the reason is that you have been over using your left brain, your logical conscious mind to address these issues and it has only got you so far. There are far more resources and much more wisdom in your unconscious mind. There is a very good reason why advertisers and marketers appeal to the right brain, to the emotional and unconscious drives to motivate us to buy things. We all know this so why don't we trust our unconscious minds more to produce answers?

Truth is the unconscious mind represents at least 90 % of your brain and the conscious mind 10% Research shows that the unconscious mind makes most of our decisions for us, two seconds before the conscious mind makes the same decision (believing it to be a conscious decision.) This has been discovered through the wonder of neuroscience and imaging of the brain. Think about that for a moment, does that sound true in your experience? Its as if a rider (conscious mind) is riding a huge elephant (unconscious mind) and is guiding it successfully until the elephant panics when it sees a mouse! The rider loses control of the direction and speed of the elephant, and yet, the rider feels like he / she is in control. That my friends, is an illusion.

Truth is, if you want to change something then you would be wise to address the unconscious mind and there is no better way to do that than hypnosis. We go into trance all the time. Have you ever driven your car from A to B, arrived at B, and then realised that you hardly paid any attention to your driving at all? You were so busy thinking of other things. Daydreaming, reverie, the time before being awake and asleep are all trances. How you talk to yourself is a form of self hypnosis if you repeat things often enough to yourself, they become a habituated form of thought and can change the chemistry of your brain. Television is hypnotic, just look at any child watching television and notice how hypnotised they appear to be! Trance is an amplifier of human experience, a state of heightened suggestibility and we can use it to our advantage. The most powerful hypnotist in the world it is said, is your mother :) Ever since you heard words and instructions you brain was building the CRITICAL FACTOR which acts as a wall or barrier to the unconscious mind. In hypnosis, we bypass the critical factor, and plant seeds and positive suggestions that go right into your subconscious mind.

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