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I help people stop smoking and banish cravings so that you can become a non smoker and never look back

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I feel your pain because I used to smoke. I remember the shortness of breath and feeling very unfit and my skin felt like leather. I remember the dehydration and the compulsion to smoke. I remember the mood swings and the lack of energy. I remember feeling like a slave to this habit and having less control over my emotions. This is why I am passionate about helping people quit.

Answer this…

  • Do you feel like you cant stop?

  • Do you find the cravings hard to deal with?

  • Have you tried everything and failed?

If that is true for you then I understand you because I used to be in that situation. 

You can get excited because that’s about to come to an end. 

Now imagine a time in the future when you are a non smoker


You’re healthier, you have more money in your pocket and you’re happier 


Your family are happier that you have decided to quit


Your friends are impressed that you have managed to quit 


And you’re proud of yourself because you have managed to do what others have been unable to


If you can beat that habit, what else will you be able to do?


What will you do with the few extra thousands of pounds each year?


Do you realise that you could afford an extra holiday each year with the money you save?


Imagine how happy you’ll be when you are free of this.

By using Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), I have helped hundreds of people stop smoking!

Now I Want to Do The Same For You...

Here’s What The Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking Program Includes…

The program is divided into 2 sessions. 

✅First Session: 

The first session is all about gathering information from you. I want to find out when you smoke and why. Then you experience hypnotic trance and the work begins.

✅Second Session:

The second session ties up loose ends and we make sure that you are craving free.

✅If you are still smoking by the end I ask that you have two more sessions with me. If these sessions don't work for you I will give you a full refund because I only want to get paid for results

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