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Thousands of People Have Already Used Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking And Now You Can Too Right From The Comfort Of Your Home

Answer this…

❌Do you feel guilty every time you smoke a cigarette?

❌Do you promise to yourself to quit smoking but then find yourself lighting up another one?

❌Do you know why you those nicotine patches don't seem to work?

❌Do you find the cravings hard to deal with and is it hard to stop thinking about cigarettes?

❌Do you feel like you really want to stop smoking but there's a part of you that just wants to smoke?

❌Do you find that willpower alone just is not working for you?

❌Do you feel emotional and unhappy without your cigarettes?

Chances are you blame yourself for something that is not even in your control, until now…So Realise....

The Reason For All This is because:

Your conscious mind is at odds with your unconscious mind.

The biggest reason your willpower fails you is because smoking is a habit and habits are programs in your subconscious mind.

95% of you choices and decisions are made in the unconscious mind and backwards rationalised after the fact. That is a scientific fact!

The truth is we learn things so well that we no longer have to think about them anymore, things like walking, driving, learning to tie your laces etc

You have learned to smoke and now it's a habit, so it's time to learn something new, and with hypnosis we are granted access to accelerated learning.

❌What if I told you there was a more organic way to stop smoking, and you wouldn't have to 'try to stop?'

❌What if your cravings disappeared, and your emotional attachments to smoking changed for the better?

❌What if you could convince your unconscious mind that you are a non smoker?

❌What if you had a natural aversion inbuilt to smoking?

❌What if we could make stopping smoking at least three times easier for you?

❌What would you do with all the extra money you would save by stopping smoking easily?

❌What if you didn't have to rely on willpower alone and you could draw from inner resources you didn't know you have?

With hypnotic coaching you only need a few sessions to make that happen because of the accelerated learning that takes place. 

This way being a non smoker comes naturally to you and before long, you become a better and healthier version of yourself.

The Best Part?

It's not a temporary solution but a lifelong one.

But before I tell you about the program, allow me to introduce myself.

Hi my name is Roland Stimpson and 

I am a professionally trained hypnotherapist

and with the General Hypnotherapy Register

I use hypnotherapy to help people stop smoking.

   People who have spent their whole lives smoking.

Just like you, most of my clients were skeptical

about hypnosis to stop smoking without ever trying it. 

I have seen first-hand how hypnotherapy can

completely change a person’s outlook on life. 

By using Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), I have helped hundreds of people stop smoking!

Now I Want to Do The Same For You...

Here’s What The Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking Program Includes…

As my client, you get 1:1 Zoom sessions with me (or in person) where I discuss everything with you and together, we work towards achieving smoking cessation.

The program is divided into 6 sessions. 

✅First Session: 

The first session is all about gathering information from you. The more I know about you and your life, smoking habits, background, triggers, environment etc the better I can serve you. There will be some hypnosis also.

✅Second Session:

The second session includes hypnosis in which I use the hypnotherapy treatment to eliminate your cravings, boost your self-esteem and motivation, strengthen your goals, help change your self-image, improve your behavior patterns and mindset, and more…

✅Third Session: 

In the third session, we’ll discuss your progress and I’ll help you out with any problem you might be having in your stop smoking journey. I help you with any issues that you face and remove any limiting beliefs and blocks that might be holding you back. 

✅Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Session:

I check in with you and see how you are doing. We’ll talk about your goals, how much of them have you achieved, and how you can achieve them faster. 

But that’s not all…

As a part of the Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss program, you get 3 FREE bonuses

  • Bonus # 1: You get FREE access to my Facebook group where you can interact with like-minded people and become a member of an amazing community where I can continue to support you.

  • Bonus # 2: I give you a free Hypnosis session 6 months later.

  • Bonus # 3: As part of my Facebook group I will be sharing lots of life hacks and strategies for other areas of your life.

 If at any point you feel like you don’t my sessions anymore, you can gift them to someone else and play your part in changing someone else’s life. 

Guarantee: If you manage to stop smoking after the 6 sessions I refund you £200 which acts as a reward and incentive.


Are You Ready To Stop Smoking?

Given my decades long experience in this field, I charge well above £150 for a session. 

However, I understand that this might not be affordable for a lot of people who as we are in a cost of living crisis and times are tough for people. 

That is why, for a limited time, I am offering 6 sessions for just £500. 

Yes, you can put an end to your lifelong stop smoking struggle and eliminate your cravings once and for all for as little as £500.

Imagine this…

Six months from now, you are a fitter, healthier and more attractive version of yourself, you have more money in your pocket, you have more energy, your skin looks great, and your confidence has increased because you managed to put this destructive habit behind you. 

❌ No more getting depressed every time you relapse.

❌ No more having low confidence because of bad breath, smelling bad, and ruining your teeth.

❌ No more of people undermining you, mocking you, or rejecting you due to your dependence on the habit.

Imagine how good you’ll feel when you stop smoking, something that has been holding you back your whole life. 

This happy life is possible for you and all you need to is click on the following button.