“I can honestly say I am now a non smoker. I tried to smoke a cigarette roughly half an hour after our session, didn't like it and have not lifted a cigarette again.


I was even out drinking with friends and was not tempted to smoke. I sometimes get the odd thought but it passes really quickly.


Thank you so much for all your help. I have recommended you to quite a few people and know already of one friend who has not smoked since having a session with yourself.


Thanks again 


Fiona Murray “

For as long as I can recall I had experienced anxiety on a daily basis and found my mind was constantly racing.Having regular sessions with Roland,   through his techniques and calm voice, helped put me at ease and greatly reduce my struggle to shut off from day to day issues. His sessions help improve my mindset massively and I always get huge relief and value from our appointmentsI highly recommend Roland.
Georgina Wood

Hi Roland,


Feedback below;


Please briefly tell your story of your time at Rollo Clinical Hypnosis.


I have had 3 sessions with Roland. I came to Roland as I had never had hypnotherapy before and felt like I had tried everything else to combat my OCD.


Please share what kind of changes and experiences you’ve had, why you came here in the first place, and how well you’re doing now. 


I came to the clinic as I felt like I had exhausted all options and hadn’t investigated hypnotherapy until then. I had tried CBT/therapy/distraction method and countless other recommendations.Since having hypnotherapy sessions, my OCD has changed dramatically. Although still a part of my life and not entirely gone, I feel more in control of my compulsions and it doesn’t dominate my life.There is still work to do but with every session I have felt stronger and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I wish I had tried it sooner! 


For what issue(s) did you come to Rollo Clinical Hypnotist? 

I came to Rollo Clinical Hypnotist for an OCD (dermatillomania). I hoped that hypnotism could help retrain my brain to ease my OCD symptoms and compulsions.


Please share how successful hypnosis has been for you. 


Very successful! I think the best way to describe how successful this has been for me is on a severity scale. When I first started, my OCD was and 8 or 9 out of 10. However, now it is a 3. This is such a huge achievement and this difference is felt on a daily basis.


What has been unique about your hypnosis experience compared to other methods you’ve tried before? 


I think this experience has been more successful due to the way that hypnotism talks to your subconscious. With therapy and CBT, I found it hard to put into practice the learnings due to instinct. Going to the root of the source and talking to the subconscious seems to help me feel like I am able to make real-life changes without even realising.


Why did you choose Rollo Clinical Hypnotist? 


I found Rollo Clinical Hypnotist on Groupon. I didn’t know where to start and had no recommendations so Groupon was for me.


How have we succeeded in meeting your expectations? 


So far, yes and more. I hope I can continue to see the results as I have a few more sessions.


Would you feel comfortable referring this service to others? Yes  


Should the opportunity present itself, would you use our services again? Yes 


Other comments: 


I just want to say thank you for the work thus far. To find a therapy that works against something I have been battling for 10 years is truly amazing. Thanks for all your hard work.


Client Name: Zoe Williams


Date: 7.6.21

Hi Roland,


So great to hear from you! I definitely think the sessions worked - albeit to varying degrees. We've moved now to a house in the countryside so there are many, many more spiders in our lives.


Dan is 100% better. I don't think he loves them, but he's able to catch them and let them out in a pretty calm manner! This is a drastic improvement.


I don't think I'm quite as good as that but I was able to catch a spider in a glass and let it outside as well which is the first time I have NEVER been able to do that. Usually, there would just be a lot of screaming and running away haha. I still don't love them but there has been definite improvement on both sides - so thank you!! I'm not sure I would have coped in the new house without your sessions :)